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Hello, I’m Adam, Owner of 3dubsdesign. I’ve been working in digital marketing & building websites for over 5 years!

I started off learning HTML and CSS, which turned my head to Digital Marketing and developed my understanding of how designing a website can affect the user’s experience.

Secondly, having now worked with many websites in my Employment, I now have relevant experience with many designs and CMS. Above all, I had to broaden my experience and career by designing them for my own business and businesses in my local area.

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Bicester Village
  • Frontend Development 95% 95%
  • Backend Development 85% 85%
  • UI/UX Design 90% 90%
  • Branding 80% 80%
  • SEO 85% 85%
  • Social Media 75% 75%

My Vision

Having lived in Bicester for over 27 years, I have seen an immense change in the way our town has evolved. Bicester Village and the new Town Centre have brought more visitors, most importantly, this kind of expansion brings more residents. Therefore, more Businesses.

My aim is to provide a one-stop shop for small businesses to thrive online. As a result of this, I have curated packages for any size business or Individual.

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I Believe design is a process

Prototype and iterate

Design and build


A Little More About Me

I was born in Oxford but have always lived in Bicester. As a result, I spend the majority of my time in Oxfordshire and beyond. I work outside of Oxford and studied nearby.

I have qualifications in Digital Marketing, HTML & CSS & Google / Amazon Ads.

Although in my day job I went into the field of Digital Marketing, it was my passion for Website Design that got me into the digital space.

Realising I was enjoying a lot of working with websites, deciding to start a business was a no brainer.

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